River Gems Gallery - Art by Nature

The WHY of River Gems Gallery, Art by Nature.

Our family has a huge passion for this community and what we believe customer service can look like. Together with our commitment to   business ethics, owning the store gave us the opportunity to  "put our money where our mouth is" and also created the opportunity to participate in the Invermere Business Community.

 The store allows us to showcase and educate visitors about the beauty of nature in a unique way.  We love children and are family friendly!

 Our store and gallery is able to provide support and resources to the holistic healing community.

As a small business, we can ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ about supporting fair-trade and help raise awareness and consumer demand for fair-trade products and support more fair trade businesses.

Our success will create opportunities to donate to and financially support community building initiatives. 

In 2014 we changed the name of our store to River Gems Gallery, Art by Nature, a name we think better encompasses our thoughts and products.

Our Goals

   Have fun!

    Deliver GREAT service to our customers,                                                   

    Find and support fair-trade dealers,

    Become a destination for school trips,

    Offer workshops and education,

    Offer work experience for students,

   Contribute to and support the Invermere Business Community,

   Establish and maintain planned financial support for community initiatives,

   Continually improve our service.


                  Wishing you Love and Laughter,

                   Yolande, Mark and Alexandra